Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Makeup and Beauty Blog Mascot, Vol. 574 - Makeup and Beauty Blog

Tabs’s relationship with birds was complicated. On one hand, he deeply believed, to the core of his being, that he was a birder.

Not a mouser, but a birder 100%.

This, of course, was all fine and good till he actually had to work with birds. I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been to pose alongside a coworker, while also wanting to gobble them up.

But Tabs was a consummate professional. He never actually ate a bird on set…that we know of.

I’ve been thinking about him a little more than usual today because we have a woodpecker issue. The exterior walls of our condo are being pecked into Swiss cheese by a gang of angry woodpeckers!

OK…I don’t actually know if they’re angry, but I think they are.

I don’t think Tabs would have viewed them as his enemy though. During his golden years, he was kind of like the cat equivalent of the Dalai Lama, and he was all about zen and living peacefully with other creatures, including ones you want to eat.

Oh, how I wish I could evolve to that state of enlightenment with these woodpeckers…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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