$8 Billion Award in Risperdal Lawsuit

A lawsuit over the antipsychotic drug Risperdal has led to an $8 billion punitive damages award against Johnson & Johnson and one of its subsidiaries.

The award was handed out Tuesday by a Philadelphia jury. The plaintiff's attorneys argued that the drug is linked to abnormal growth of female breast tissue in boys, the reported.

In a statement, attorneys Tom Kline and Jason Itkin said Johnson & Johnson used an organized scheme to make billions of dollars while illegally marketing and promoting the drug.

Johnson & Johnson said the award is "excessive and unfounded" and that it would take immediate action to overturn it, the reported.

Faces Canada Weightless Creme Finish Lipstick Sweet Mocha Review

The Most Iconic Celeb Hairstyles Of All Time

There are hairstyles and then there are certified beauty moments that’ll forever go down as some of the best hair days on record. Case in point, this long list of women, whose hair inspired the manes of many. Seriously, people are still taking pictures of Rachel from Friends into the salon as we speak! So in honor of National Hair Day, we’re rounding up some of the most iconic celeb hairstyles of all time, get ready for some major hairspo…

1. Ariana Grande’s Snatched Ponytail

We barely even recognize Ariana without her signature high pony, and we dare you to name a more iconic duo than a killer wing and a snatched pony? We didn’t think so.

2. Marilyn Monroe’s Icy Blonde Curls

Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate bombshell – she single-handedly created one of the sexiest beauty combo’s of all time; bright blonde hair and a red lip.

3. Jennifer Anniston’s The ‘Rachel’

When hairstylist @mrchrismcmillan cut Jennifer’s hair he said he wanted to do something different but he’d no idea that it would go down in history as THE haircut of the decade.

4. Beyonce’s Waist-Length Braids

When Beyoncé dropped Formation, she didn’t just give us one of the greatest albums of all time, she also reminded us that waist-length braids are a major statement!

5. Bridgette Bardot’s Sexy Blonde Locks

There are so many classic Brigette Bardot hairstyles from the undone updo to the pigtails and of course, the 60s flower child signature. If there’s one thing they all had in common, it’s major volume!

6. Halle Berry’s Pixie Cut

When Halle Berry came out of the water in that Bond movie in that orange bikini and a fire pixie hair cut, it was the perfect mixture of incredibly sexy and “I’m tough enough to kill you.” #GirlCrush

7. Princess Diana’s Layered Blowout

Diana’s style is having a major resurgence; the cycling shorts and oversized sweater combo is 2019 hottest trend. We’ve even seen the return (on the runway no less) of the Dianna ‘do at Tory Burch’s SS 20 show.

8. Anna Wintour’s Signature Bangs and Bob Combo

The first thing you think of when someone mentions the great Anna Wintour is the haircut and the oversized glasses. Teaching us one essential style rule; if it works, work it.

9. Audrey Hepburn’s Sweeping Fringe

Audrey Hepburn was a true fashion icon and could literally pull off any hairstyle. This cropped cut and swept fringe, paired with those strong brows and a feline wing, always makes us stop and stare.

10. Diana Ross’ Killer Curls

When Diana ditched the 60s updo in favor of her beautiful natural curls, the world went wild for it!

11. The POB AKA The Posh Bob

Remember when everyone suddenly cut their hair off in 2007, yep, you can thank Posh spice for that! The thing about this hairstyle is you need to see it from EVERY angle to really appreciate it! #Iconic

12. Cher’s Waist-Length Locks

If you ever need a reminder of how straight fire long, sleek hair is, look up Cher. In the words of Miranda Presley, “that’s all.”

13. Janet Jackson’s Box Braids

When Janet Jack hit the screens in Poetic Justice, the world couldn’t stop talking about her box braids; it marked an important turning point where braids reigned and were regularly seen in pop culture.

14. Amy Winehouse’s Jet Black Beehive

Everything about Amy was iconic. The voice, the hair, the liner.

15. Jackie Kennedy’s American Classic

Jackie O may be a little more conservative than Marilyn Monroe but her hair inspired a generation of women; it’s timeless and classy.

Which look is your fave? Let us know in the comments below.

Extreme Exercise Might Dull the Brain, Study Says

By Steven Reinberg

THURSDAY, Sept. 26, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Excessive exercise can tire out your brain to the point that you have trouble making decisions, a new study claims.

The findings show that despite the benefits of endurance sports, an excessive training load can have ill effects on your brain, French researchers said.

"Our findings draw attention to the fact that neural states matter: You don't make the same decisions when your brain is in a fatigued state," said study author Mathias Pessiglione of Hopital de la Pitie-Salpitriere in Paris.

For the study, the researchers had 37 male endurance athletes either continue normal training or increase training 40% a session over three weeks.

Functional MRIs showed the overloaded athletes had a slower response in the lateral prefrontal cortex.

Athletes who exerted themselves to the point of exhaustion showed reduced activity in an area of the brain important for making decisions. And they appeared more impulsive in tests that evaluated financial decision-making, going for immediate rewards instead of larger ones that would take more time to achieve, the researchers found.

The results are in the Sept. 26 .

"The lateral prefrontal region that was affected by sport-training overload was exactly the same that had been shown vulnerable to excessive cognitive work in our previous studies," Pessiglione said in a journal news release.

This area of the brain was a weak spot when it came to cognitive control -- the ability to process information and control behavior, he said.

Pessiglione's work suggests that mental and physical effort both need cognitive control.

It may be important to monitor fatigue levels to prevent bad decisions outside the athletic arena, in areas as varied as politics, law and finance, the researchers said.

Bans on Flavored E-Cigs Continue

Los Angles County and the state of Ohio are the latest to ban flavored e-cigarettes, joining Massachusetts, Washington, Michigan and New York, along with San Francisco.

The LA ban includes flavored tobacco products, chewing tobacco and menthol cigarettes along with e-cigarettes, according to the .

The vote by the county's Board of Supervisors was unanimous, despite objections from storekeepers and vaping advocates. The law goes into effect in 30 days and storeowners have six months to pull flavored products from their shelves and apply for new licenses.

In Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine has called for a law banning flavored vaping products including mint and menthol. The statewide ban would not affect tobacco-flavored products, reported.

Both LA and Ohio are reacting to the attraction flavored vaping products holds for teens and young adults. The growth of flavored vaping is largely driven by their attraction to young people.

Also, vaping has been linked to 805 cases of serious lung damage throughout the United States and at least 16 deaths.

The Winners Of Our HUGE Life Liner Giveaway Revealed

Hey my loves! As you guys can probably tell from my snaps, I am soooooo excited about our latest launch; the first EVER Huda Beauty eyeliner: Life Liner! My team and I spent two years creating the perfect formula and I’m in love with the final product; it’s the blackest, mattest, most intense liner I’ve ever used!

So to celebrate I didn’t want to do a regular giveaway, instead, we gave five winners a year’s supply of Life Liner, as well as the Makeup Remover Balm, and Hoodie Lash. Plus, a brand new Louis Vuitton Makeup bag to stash all of your new goodies in! As always, we were blown away by your love and support, thank you so much to everyone who entered!

If you’re one of the five winners, congratulations! We’ll be contacting you via direct message on Instagram.


Thank you for entering, and make sure you’re following us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date with all our giveaways. Oh and don’t forget to signup to our newsletter, for all the latest beauty tea!

11 Halloween Looks For Every Kinda Person (From Sexy To Scary)

When it comes to Halloween, there are three kinds of people: The saucy bunny ones like Mean Girl Regina George, those that go all out with terrifying costumes, and the ones that just can’t be bothered (Halloween can get expensive!). Regardless of which category you fall into, we’ve got all the inspo you need. Happy Halloween!

For The Regina’s Of The World…

Despite the fact that this look has no eyebrows, it’s surprisingly hot! Just make sure you grab the longest lashes you can find (like our new Hoodie Lashes) and don’t be afraid to layer on the highlighter.

People are going crazy for the latest rendition of The Joker, so why not create your own? …In a WAY less scary version!

Makeup tip: Unlike the classic Joker, warm up your face with plenty of bronzer and a ton of contour – it’ll take the look from creepy to cute.

While we’re running with the theme of blockbuster movies, this is giving us major Nala vibes, it’s cute and easy at the same time!

For Those Who Go All In

Somehow when you add white contacts to this look, it becomes hella-scary. Pro-tip for applying contact lenses: eye drops will be your savior.

This look is done entirely with makeup! Literally, Desi has NEXT level skills. For a step-by-step, check out her YouTube Tutorial – it’s easier than it looks.

Grab yourself a fake wound and some glue (you can find one at most costume stores or online), then add some fake blood. Et voila, you’re super gross for Halloween!

If you don’t fancy splurging on a new outfit this year, this look is a more affordable option, although maybe a little time-consuming. Just grab a strapless top and the classic $2 Halloween makeup kit.

For Those Who Massively CBA

If you’re stuck at the office and have zero time to get changed, this look will save the day. Add some vampire teeth to upgrade the look.

This is essentially a red smokey eye with the addition of some fangs – it transforms into a certified Halloween look.

If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from this Halloween round-up, it’s that contact lenses take your look to the next level.

What’s your go-to Halloween look? Let us know in the comments below.

Study Questions Hormone Rx for Prostate Cancer

TUESDAY, Sept. 17, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Running contrary to current guidelines, new research suggests that use of hormone-suppressing treatment over the long term may not help some men battling recurrent prostate cancer, and may even cause harm.

In fact, the study found that long-term hormone therapy was tied to a raised risk of death from other causes for some patients who received it.

Blood levels of prostate-specific antigen (PSA) may help predict which men might benefit -- and which men might not -- from long-term hormone therapy following surgery, said a team led by Dr. Daniel Spratt of the University of Michigan Cancer Center, in Ann Arbor.

"We found that the lower the PSA, the more harm the patient experienced," explained Spratt, who is research professor of radiation oncology and chair of the Genitourinary Clinical Research Program at the center. "The higher the PSA, the more likely the patient was to benefit from hormone therapy because it decreased their chances of dying from prostate cancer and resulted in improved overall survival rates."

The study was presented Sunday at the annual meeting of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO), in Chicago.

Because prostate tumors grow faster in the presence of hormones such as testosterone, therapies that lower hormone levels are often offered to men as a way to slow the cancer's spread. However, these treatments can come with side effects, such as urinary incontinence or sexual dysfunction.

Still, clinical trial results first reported in 2017 found that -- after surgical removal of the prostate tumor -- adding two years of hormone therapy, along with radiation treatment, appeared to boost patients' long-term survival.

Those findings led to the recommendation that men with recurrent prostate cancer be treated with both radiation and long-term hormone therapy after surgery.

Would those benefits last, however? To find out, Spratt's team reanalyzed data from the clinical trial of 760 prostate cancer patients that spurred the new guidelines. Men in the trial were treated at centers across North America between 1998 and 2003. All had seen their cancer return after surgery, and they received radiation therapy along with either two years of hormone-suppressing therapy called bicalutamide, or a "dummy" placebo.

Multiple Myeloma Treatment: What’s New?

Treatment options for multiple myeloma have grown a great deal in the past few years. Newly approved drugs help people with this blood cancer now live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

“Over the last 10 to 15 years, we have made tremendous advances in the treatment of multiple myeloma, which had limited treatment options in the ’90s. Overall, survival has doubled due to the introduction of new drugs,” says Hans C. Lee, MD, an assistant professor in the Department of Lymphoma/Myeloma at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. New classes of cancer drugs, including immunotherapy drugs and monoclonal antibodies, have changed the outlook for many people with this disease.

People with relapsed (comes back after treatment) or refractory (doesn’t respond to the first-line treatment) multiple myeloma are still a challenge to treat even with new options, and their disease tends to be more aggressive, says Lee. “But for patients with standard-risk multiple myeloma, that’s where we have made substantial progress.”

Several new drugs have been approved to treat multiple myeloma since 2015, including relapsed and refractory forms of the disease, says Lee.

Selinexor (Xpovio) is a new type of multiple myeloma drug called a selective inhibitor of nuclear export (SINE). The FDA approved it for treatment of relapsed or refractory disease in July 2019. It’s combined with dexamethasone and is used to treat people who've tried at least four previous therapies. It works by blocking XPO1, a protein that allows cancer cells to thrive.

Elotuzumab (Empliciti) is a type of drug known as a monoclonal antibody. It revs up your own immune system to help you fight the cancer. It seeks out a molecule on cancer cells called SLAMF7. It’s combined with other myeloma drugs: either with lenalidomide (Revlimid) and dexamethasone or with dexamethasone and a newer drug called pomalidomide. It's effective in people with more aggressive forms of myeloma.

Daratumumab (Darzalex) is another monoclonal antibody. You can take it either alone or combined with dexamethasone and either lenalidomide or bortezomib (Velcade). Daratumumab targets a protein on the surface of myeloma cells called CD38. It seeks out the protein and then kills the cancer cells it’s attached to.

Are Mini Beauty Fridges A Waste Of Money? The Experts Weigh In...

Mini skincare fridges have become the new #topshelfies when it comes to skincare product posts filling up your feed. You’ve probably seen beauty editors casually storing their jade rollers and sheet masks in their tiny office coolers, for a midday moisture refresh (or lymphatic drainage sesh). And of course, influencers stocking their candy-colored iceboxes with serums, mists, and other tiny skincare treasures that garner all the likes. But what’s the #realtalk on this new trend? Are cooler temps even good for your products? We polled a few derms to find out.

Why You Need A Mini Beauty Fridge

“Most products are designed and tested to be stored in a cool dry place, but the products that are best kept in a cold environment are combination products, including prescription products that combine a topical antibiotic (like clindamycin or erythromycin) and benzoyl peroxide,” says Dr. Doris Day, celebrity dermatologist and author of the book Beyond Beautiful. “This will help the products last longer.” Other skincare ingredients that can benefit from a colder temp when applied to the skin? Antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and Retinol, according to Day.

Clearly, any beauty-loving babe in the know has stashed a de-puffing eye serum or stick in the fridge to banish the dreaded am bags, but if you feel a bit weird reaching for your skincare products next to last night’s leftovers, we hear you. That’s where these genius skincare-specific storage units come into play. Our obsession deserves its own home, after all!

Dr. Howard Sobel, NYC-based cosmetic dermatologic surgeon, and director of Sobel Skin also points out that natural formulas (or anything with a relatively short shelf life) can benefit from being kept in colder temperatures. “Refrigerating serums to help with inflamed acne, and aloe-based products for a refreshing and soothing feel are also recommended. The lower temperature does add a nice calming effect to certain products such as face masks, moisturizers, and creams, which are especially helpful when treating irritated or reactive skin,” he adds.

The only things that should ideally remain out of the fridge? Makeup, oils, and balms as these can either separate or turn into solids, says Sobel. “It’s also important to keep in mind that exposing products to fluctuating temperatures can potentially lead to instability of the formula and make it ineffective.” AKA what can be refrigerated should stay in there and what shouldn’t (see above ) should be left out. Pivoting your skincare products between hot and cold temps all the time isn’t good for them – or your skin. Shop a few of our skincare mini-fridge faves below!

Our Fave Mini Beauty Fridges

Cooluli Mini Beauty Refrigerator, $60

Urban Outfitter’s fridge comes in five cute colors (including a spotted version) and won’t put a major dent in your wallet. Perfect for cooling your crystal rollers, serums, and creams and keeping eye patches and masks slightly chilled for hungover AF mornings. It has an interior door section, along with one shelf, and it’s super compact so it won’t take up a ton of space.

Teami Blends Skincare Beauty Fridge, $120

Teami is the cult favorite amongst the beauty blogger/influencer set, but their well-designed fridges are a bit of a splurge. This chic beauty fridge comes in a luxe marble finish and can hold up to 10 liters of liquids and other skincare must-haves though, so it’s kinda #goals. It also has a door pocket for masks, gua sha tools, and other skinny tubes of stuff that just feel better cold on the face. Multiple shelves let you stack jars of beauty prods and having one of these is basically like having a small spa in your bedroom or bathroom.

The Beauty Spy Cool Skin Mini Fridge, $60

Also on the budget-friendly spectrum is this HSN exclusive that has retro vibes and an icy interior. With just one shelf, it easily stores your taller vials and bottles on the bottom and other shorter skincare necessities on the top. Another perk? It comes with too-cute “Beauty Spy” stickers you can apply all over the front like this is your locker and you’re back in high school. Take that, #minifridgeshelfie ‘grams. And at four pounds you can obvs take this portable fridge with you jet-setting, thanks to a convenient handle. Because all hotel rooms would be that much better if they had mini-fridges stocked with grab-and-go mists for the pool, right?

FaceTory Fridge, $99

Repeat after us: need, not want. Available in coral or mint, FaceTory’s skincare fridge cools sheet masks and other skincare products – and prolongs product shelf life at the same time – at 41-48 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the lowest it goes is 32°F. Perfect for on top of a makeup caddy, desk, or vanity, it’s a winner. As evidenced by the 4.7-star reviews.

Would you guys buy a beauty mini-fridge? Let us know in the comments below.


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