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I’m 100% on board for coffee and gunmetal eyeliners (they’re workhorses, for sure), but sometimes you want — no, you NEED! — to wear something besides the usual, and that’s when something I like to call “The Double Purple” comes into play.

By adding a gorgeous violet gradient to your lower lash lines, you can incorporate a colorful complexity in your eye makeup while exerting minimal effort.

This tip is great for smaller lids and hooded eye shapes, as the focus is on the lower lash lines.

Here’s what you’ll need

Grab two of your favorite purple pencil liners — one lighter, one darker.

They should be close enough in color that when you see them side by side on your skin, you like how they look. That is to say, they should be harmonious to you.

The darker shade should be one you can wear on your waterline without it smearing off, but it should also be creamy enough to blend. The lighter shade should also be creamy enough to smudge.

Here’s what you do

A few tips

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